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Environment & Innovation


Feel good about washing with Super Clean

At Super Clean, we clean your car and protect the planet. Using the latest car wash technology, we reclaim and conserve water, preventing chemicals from being dumped into local waterways.


When you wash your car at home, you use significantly more water, and all the asphalt, antifreeze, grease, engine and brake residue, oil, rust and asbestos that may come off your car during the wash process flows directly into the public storm drain system. This can clog storm drains and harm our wildlife and ecosystems.


By washing at Super Clean, you become a protector of your vehicle AND the environment.


Our convenient Lightning Pass uses only the most cutting-edge Super Technology to help you get back to your day faster. When you’re a Lightning Pass member, your custom RFID tag allows you to be automatically recognized each time you visit the wash. Skip the line, any unnecessary interaction, and having to pay every time with a monthly Lightning Pass plan.